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Simple Tapered Bangle
Simple Tapered Bangle
Simple Tapered Bangle

Simple Tapered Bangle


Simplicity at its best.  This one is all about the subtle tapered lines, its oval shape, and a weight that can only be described as seductive.  In short: its a sexy bracelet.  Wear it forever.

Available in solid brass or solid silver.

Measurements are of the interior dimensions, keeping in mind your hand will be able to squeeze into a size slightly smaller than what you measure, and we suggest imagining these a bit like old Chinese Jade bracelets- squeeze into them and never take them off.  So you may find that going down a size will fit best.

•Extra Small - 2.4" x 1.9" -  interior circumference of 6.86"

•Small -2.55" x 2" - interior circumference of 7.27"

•Medium - 2.67" x 2.11" -  interior circumference of 7.54"

•Large - 2.8" x 2.21" -  interior circumference of 7.9"

•Extra Large- 2.9" x 2.28" interior circumference of 8.2"

If you desire a custom size or are feeling unsure about your size, we suggest having a friend help you measure the widest part of your hand as if you were about to squeeze it into a bangle.  Please consider wanting slightly smaller than that measurement to account for the hand's ability to conform.  If you need, send along the measurement and we'll work out magic!