Tulip Bangle
Tulip Bangle
Tulip Bangle

Tulip Bangle

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Named for the sweet tulip~esque profile that runs along the length of this bangle.  Look at it from the side and you might see a nod to the little rounded 'V' shape that is so often used to simply illustrate tulips.  The juxtaposition of the defined edges, and the soft, billowing interior, are solidified in sterling silver, as if to permanently capture a moment of movement.

The interior of this bangle is unique as well and equally as sculptural as the exterior; flowing outward as if to be the inverse of the exterior shape.  This piece is a pure example of form that can only come from having been carved in wax first.

To make things easy, the sizing is the same as our signature Tapered Bangles:

•Extra Small - 2.4" x 1.9" -  interior circumference of 6.86"

•Small -2.55" x 2" - interior circumference of 7.27"

•Medium - 2.67" x 2.11" -  interior circumference of 7.54"

•Large - 2.8" x 2.21" -  interior circumference of 7.9"

•Extra Large- 2.9" x 2.28" interior circumference of 8.2"

Made of recycled sterling silver, weighing approximately 75 grams.