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Stella Huggies
Stella Huggies
Stella Huggies
Stella Huggies

Stella Huggies

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Introducing our first pair of "huggie" style hoops- the perfect low maintenance solution to everyday earrings; secure, comfortable for sleeping in, low key,  and yet with enough sparkle to hold their own for a night out.  

The Stellas are streamlined and architectural... turning one of our favorite rings into a pair of sophisticated hoops that will last you for years to come and make some daughter, granddaughter, or even grandson very happy one day.

As a "huggie" the hoop features a central hinge for opening and closing, with a post that clicks into place when closed.  It measures 16mm in diameter and is set with three baguettes (diamond or sapphire) facing forward.

Shown here:

  • 18k Venetian Rose and White Diamonds
  • 18k Yellow Gold and Blue Sapphire

Notes on color combinations to help you choose accordingly:

  • 14k White Gold vs 18k White Gold: purer white versus warmer white.  Choose 14k if you'd like a brighter contrast and 18k for a slightly subtler and richer pairing.
  • 14k Yellow vs 18k Yellow: neutral yellow versus rich yellow.  Choose 14k for a softer look and 18k for a touch of old world elegance.
  • 14k Rose vs 18k Rose: bright pink vs coppery pink.  Choose 14k for a pop of color and 18k for a richer, warmer rose.
  • 14k Venetian vs 18k Venetian: neutral taupe vs dusty rose.  Choose 14k for a wonderfully subtle gold somewhere between a white and a rose gold, and 18k for a richer, warmer and slightly more rose color.

Favorite combos:

  • 14k Venetian Rose and White Diamonds
  • 14k Rose Gold and Blue Sapphire
  • 18k Yellow and White Diamond
  • 18k White and White Diamond