Netted Round Locket
Netted Round Locket

Netted Round Locket

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Amulets for sea travel. The gifts of lovers. Union of the inner male and female. Fertile waters. Waxing and waning tides, moons, emotions. Ancient Roman sea caves. The birth of Venus. Soft flesh and salt water. Pearl diver’s nets. Reflection. Mystery. Gentleness.


Amulets were perhaps created for seafaring people more than any other, for, in ancient times, all who went down to the sea in ships were greatly in need of protection from the furry of the elements when they embarked in their vessels, unknowing of what might lay ahead.  This is our ode to the sea, and an ode to all things to keep near.  The memory of a classic locket shape, draped in a net, as if to hold everything inside even closer.

The locket measures 2.3cm in diameter with our 1.1mm curb chain chain threaded through the back for a seamless looking connection.  The front has the netted pattern while the back is plain, but mimics the slightly domed shape of the front.  Chain is 20" long.  Other lengths are available upon request.  Solid sterling silver.


Our Spring '19 collection delves into the deeper meanings and connections embedded in these already intimate pieces.  Developed in collaboration with friend, artist, writer, and teacher, Lauren Spencer King, we explore the often intangible through the subliminal and the historical.