Mini Stone Locket ~ Ursa Major & Lauren Spencer King
Mini Stone Locket ~ Ursa Major & Lauren Spencer King
Mini Stone Locket ~ Ursa Major & Lauren Spencer King

Mini Stone Locket ~ Ursa Major & Lauren Spencer King

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~Introducing a new, smaller version of our Stone Locket.  In case you couldn’t decided between the options, and want to layer... Or just prefer the smaller scale, we’ve got you covered.  Measures 16mm in diameter and hangs on a 20” 1.1mm curb chain. Other lengths available upon request.

Duality lives within us, just as it is part of our natural world.  There is no day without night, light without dark. It is how we learn to embrace these polarities in equal measure that allow us to experience unity.  It is in the coming together of two halves that creates a whole, and it is this wholeness that is the gift.

This idea of ours has been simmering on the back stove for sometime now, and when I began speaking with my friend and artist, Lauren Spencer King, this past summer, about working on a collection of pieces that would embody a deeper story, exploring the personal connection between object and owner......this piece finally had its home.  

Lockets have their history steeped in the tradition of amulets.  This idea of protection, of a keepsake, of love has found many incarnations throughout jewelry.  It's the perfect vehicle after all.  Our version brings one of our favorite elements front and center: stone.

Lauren, with her business Fields of Studyprovides you here with beautiful descriptions and histories of the stones in your choice. We've carefully curated four stone combinations to choose from.  You may be struck by how the one which most visually resonates with you also strikes a chord when delved into deeper...


    This is an incredibly healing combination. Pearl reminds us how to take what is uncomfortable or difficult and turn it into something beautiful. Jade, when struck, is thought to emit a peculiarly melodious sound resembling the voice of the loved one.  And indeed, jade is termed the concentrated essence of love. It is the ultimate stone of peace, health and wellbeing. Together the two support us in learning how to see beauty in our own healing, and see everything in the grace and light of oneness. 


    Legend has it, that while Venus was sleeping Eros cut her fingernails, when they touched the earth they were transformed into pieces of onyx. This combination guides you to the deepest part of yourself to uncover the pure magical force that is in the void. It will grant you the ability to weave together different aspects of life to create cohesion, while giving you the wisdom and discernment to distill the truth down to its incontestable essence. Discover the stillness that exists in the power of your own receptivity.


    Carnelian was recommended by the Lapidario of Alfonso X to those in search of courage, for the warm colored stone was believed to give them just that.  It is a stone of passion and creativity, stemming from the fire within, sensual in its nature. Bring in the energy of onyx, a stone of self mastery and inner strength and together they create a resilience that is born from the core of who we are. This combination draws up from our soul our inner most desire for passion, and ensures that every action we take be an expression of our truest self.


    Historically, the image of Mars and Hercules have been carved upon onyx to serve as amulets of strength and protection.  Whilst pearl invites you to gain meaningful wisdom from every experience you have. This combination holds the energy of magic, bringing together the unique powers of light and dark. Each stone knows the secrets of transformation, one from above and the other from below. It is this duality that will expand your understanding of your self. This locket is for the seer, the seeker and the alchemist. 

As with all stone pieces, each has its natural variances.  Please allow for subtle differences.  

Please note: for the gold pendants- the locket is 10k while the chain is 14k.  The locket is also available in higher karats upon request.

Shown here:

Image 1 & 2~ Onyx & Pearl in 10k Yellow Gold

Image 3~ Custom solid black onyx Mini Locket shown for scale