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Men’s 5mm Heavy Comfort Fit Band
Men’s 5mm Heavy Comfort Fit Band

Men’s 5mm Heavy Comfort Fit Band

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Our comfort fit bands have all been hand carved from wax, imparting on them a hint of the handmade.  You'll find them to be more substantial than commercial comfort fits.  Generously rounded on the inside for true comfort and ease getting over those pesky knuckles.  Subtly rounded on the outside for a soft, classic look.

5mm wide.  Shown here in 18k White.

A guide to our golds:

White Golds- The masculine look.  We don't believe in plating our white golds, as is commercial common practice.  We believe they should be left alone to savor their distinct color qualities.

  • 14k White- as with other alloys, the lesser amount of pure gold in 14k lends itself to a subtler color than the 18k White.  This white has just a hint of yellow to it that keeps it from feeling steely or too cold.  Distinctly masculine with a touch of warmth.
  • 18k White- more pure gold gives this alloy more warmth.  Like other 18k alloys, look to this white gold for a deeper color which, depending on the light, can appear white or soft yellow. 

Yellow Golds- The classic look.

  • 10k Yellow- a beautiful pale gold.  Undoubtedly yellow, but subtle.  
  • 18k Yellow- a rich gold, softer than lesser karats,  that it will accumulate a beautiful, all-over patina of nicks and scratches (we use these words endearingly), telling the story of it's wearer.  And a color that alludes to another time of old world beauty.

Venetian Rose Golds- for the elusive.  Referred to in the industry as "Brown Gold", but affectionately called "Venetian" when it comes to retail, alluding to it's other worldly, romantic, and antique quality.  A beautiful neutral, somewhere between rose and white. Much like the rose colors, this Venetian rose blends in with the skin, particularly those with brown tones.  It's our personal favorite and a hard to find beauty. 

  • 14k Venetian-a warm taupe, more brown/white than rose
  • 18k Venetian- a rosier taupe slightly richer.  Reads as rose next to other rose golds, but more as a neutral when next to white golds.  Keep them guessing.

Of note: Third photo on model shows a stacked 18k white 5mm Comfort Fit with an 18k yellow 4mm Comfort Fit.  Both have brushed finishes.  We also offer a sandblasted finish. These bands come polished with a shiny finish, but if you prefer a brushed finish (which has a more satin like appearance) or a sandblasted finish (which adds a hint of texture and a more matte appearance) please specify in the notes when ordering.