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Large Enameled Heart Charm
Large Enameled Heart Charm
Large Enameled Heart Charm
Large Enameled Heart Charm

Large Enameled Heart Charm

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Introducing a new large size for our Enameled Heart Charm, a companion to our classic "Protect Me" charm.   The large size gives the bold colors a place to take center stage while adding a lovely, substantial weight. Inspired by the vintage Saint Christopher medallions; the enamel is an ode to the brightly colored saints typically found in a vivid aqua.  We’ve added a new “Water Blue” color to pay homage to that specific shade, while continuing to offer our classic “Heron Blue” (a watery cobalt) and “Grass Green” (a deep emerald). 

Beautiful on its own or pair with its “Protect Me” companion.  We offer it with our 1.1mm curb chain, or a heavier 1.7mm curb chain (for silver options only).  Please email us for pricing on heavier gold chains.  14k yellow chains will be used for 14k green pendants.

The large size pendant (not including ring on top) measures 15.5mm x 14mm.  Made in sterling silver, 14k yellow or green gold (we love it for its cool crispness and it pairs beautifully next to silver), or 18k yellow or rose gold.  Please note Water Blue is not available in the rose gold option due to its incompatibility.  Each color varies slightly due to their translucent nature and depending on the metal they are on.  

  • Please note~ if you order a single charm (without chain) in addition to a Protect Me Charm with chain, or vice versa, we will automatically put the two onto the same chain unless you request otherwise in the notes of the order, or by email.

View the original small size here.

  • Image #1 (clockwise from left to right) Heron Blue in 18k Yellow, Grass Green in 14k Green, and our small size in Grass Green & Sterling Silver
  • Image #2 Grass Green in 14k Green
  • Image #3 Water Blue in Sterling Silver
  • Image #4 (clockwise from left to right) large size Lichen Green in 14k Green, small size Lichen Green in 18k Rose, small size Lichen Green in Sterling Silver

We are able to offer a heavier chain upon request.