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Fluted Tapered Bangle~ No. 2 / Heavy
Fluted Tapered Bangle~ No. 2 / Heavy
Fluted Tapered Bangle~ No. 2 / Heavy

Fluted Tapered Bangle~ No. 2 / Heavy

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We sought to improve upon one of our favorite pieces, the Tapered Bangle, by giving it a little architectural detailing and offering it in two weights: heavy and light.  Ensuring it stands perfectly on its on, or stacked next to your existing Tapered Bangle.

The fluting detail creates a tactile shape with recesses that will gradually oxidize themselves over time, further accentuating the form.  The weight is heavier than our standard Tapered Bangle, coming in at approximately 52 grams in sterling silver, as compared to the Tapered Bangle which weighs approximately 40 grams, making it an elegant statement piece.

Measurements are the same as our Tapered Bangle .  These are the interior dimensions and please keep in mind your hand will likely be able to squeeze into a size smaller than what you measure.  For that reason we generally recommend erring on the smaller side if you find yourself between measurements.  The thickness of the metal measures 7.8mm at the widest and 4.2mm at the narrowest taper.

•Extra Small - 2.4" x 1.9" -  interior circumference of 6.86"

•Small -2.55" x 2" - interior circumference of 7.27"

•Medium - 2.67" x 2.11" -  interior circumference of 7.54"

•Large - 2.8" x 2.21" -  interior circumference of 7.9"

•Extra Large- 2.9" x 2.28" interior circumference of 8.2"

If you desire a custom size or are feeling unsure about your size, we suggest having a friend help you measure the circumference of the widest part of your hand as if you were about to squeeze it into a bangle.  You'll want to choose the bangle with measurements just below your measurement to account for the hand's ability to conform.  If you need, send along the measurement and we'll work out magic!  Also note, as per our returns policy, we are always happy to exchange for other sizes if the first doesn't work out, so don't fret!