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The name says it all.  The most versatile band- made from heavy gauge round wire, so it won't bend or misshape.  It's fine, but substantial, for when you want a simple band to pair next to an engagement ring or another favorite, but something too thin just won't do.  This one holds its own.  A great option for a wedding band, because when you opt not to wear the engagement ring daily, this will be just as perfect by itself.  Subtle but distinct in it's weight and round profile.

We also favor a stack of three, in a rainbow of metals, to showcase all of golds beautiful nuances...

  • Introducing 18k Venetian Rose, the most beautiful neutral we've ever seen.  Somewhere between rose and white gold.  
  • 20k (a rich coppery hue) or 18k Rose (slightly paler than the 20k) gold 
  • 18k White gold 
  • 18k Yellow gold 
  • 10k Yellow gold
  • 10k Rose gold
  • Platinum
For other sizes or metals, please email