River Band
River Band

River Band

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Classic, bold, and unisex...  

The River Band is a marriage of a few of our favorite things: graphic stone, bold metal, and a very sexy weight.  It comes to you in the form of a heavy Comfort Fit band with a vertical stripe of Bloodstone inlay.  

Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a type of hard jasper durable enough for everyday wear and longevity.  Its deep teal green makes it a neutral color.  A wise choice for the long term.  And its subtle flecks of red hematite add a twist of distinction and mystery.  We love it not only for its strength, but also it's lore. The Ancient Greeks associated it with the vitality of life and claimed it held the power of the sun, hence its name, Heliotrope.  Others say it assists in grounding you to the physical world, the here and now.  What better way to mark a milestone, a union, or a momentous gift to yourself? 

Our Comfort Fit bands are hand carved from wax.  You'll find them to be more substantial than commercial comfort fits, particularly this one.  We've exaggerated the curve both on the inside and outside for a ring that feels like a hug, and easily slides over those pesky knuckles.  

Shown here, a size 8 in 10k Yellow.  The band measures 5.75mm wide.  Ring sizes 6.5-10 feature vertical inlay of the same width.  Ring sizes 6-4.5 feature a slightly narrower inlay of 5mm due to the tighter curve.  As we everything, we design our rings to maintain their proportions throughout the sizing.

A guide to our golds:

We offer 14k white, yellow, and rose, but find they do not offer up any specific color characteristics (as opposed to 10k and 18k+), but recommend them when you are looking to match the color of existing bands.  This is the most common karat you find on the market.

White Golds- We don't believe in plating our white golds, as is commercial common practice.  We believe they should be left alone to savor their distinct color qualities.

  • 10k White- as with other 10k alloys, the lesser amount of pure gold in 10k lends itself to a subtler color.  This white has just a hint of yellow to it that keeps it from feeling steely or too cold.  Distinctly masculine with a touch of warmth.
  • 18k White- more pure gold gives this alloy more warmth.  Like other 18k alloys, look to this white gold for a richer color.

Yellow Golds- The classic look.

  • 10k Yellow- a beautiful pale gold.  Undoubtedly yellow, but subtle.  
  • 18k Yellow- a rich gold, softer than lesser karats,  that it will accumulate a beautiful, all-over patina of nicks and scratches (we use these words endearingly), telling the story of it's wearer.  And a color that alludes to another time of old world beauty.

Rose Golds- For the unexpected.  Don't shy away from rose gold as an option, although we suggest trying one on from your local jewelry store if you're curious.  The beauty of rose gold is that it reads distinctly as gold, yet it's pink quality blends in with pinker skin tones, lending to a ring that is beautifully subtle.

  • 10k Rose- pale rose, but the pinkest of the rose golds.  
  • 18k Rose- less pink, richer, and more coppery, due to the higher gold content

Venetian Rose Gold- for the elusive.  Referred to in the industry as "Brown Gold", but affectionately called "Venetian" when it comes to retail, alluding to it's other worldly, romantic quality.  A beautiful neutral, somewhere between rose and white. Much like the rose colors, this Venetian rose blends in with the skin, particularly those with brown tones.  It's our personal favorite and a hard to find beauty. 

  • 14k Venetian-a warm taupe, more neutral than traditional rose 
  • 18k Venetian- a rosier taupe slightly richer.  Reads as rose next to other rose golds, but more as a neutral when next to white golds.  Keep them guessing.

For a comparison of 18k Yellow next to 18k Venetian Rose and 18k Rose Gold please refer to the third image here.