Jade Màre Ring in 18k Yellow Gold, Size 7
Jade Màre Ring in 18k Yellow Gold, Size 7

Jade Màre Ring in 18k Yellow Gold, Size 7

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Màre~ (Latin Or.) the sea

The setting for our Màre rings is one that was originally hand carved from wax, so we could feel the form; how it moved, how it felt on, and how it would marry with the stone.  Like so much of what we do, it's shape is meant to suggest a contemporary antiquity, and a piece that is new, yet feels like it's already spent a lifetime with you.

This particular one features an opaque, milky green, hand cut piece of Guatemalan jadeite.  There are two types of jade: nephrite and jadeite (the latter found in Guatemala). Jadeite is harder and rarer, and often considered more valuable because of it ~ sometimes, even more so than gold.  Jade is created as the result of two tectonic plates colliding furiously against each other. To create the perfect jade-making conditions, these slow-moving, sliding slabs of earth need to rack up a whopping 600 degrees centigrade and a literally earth-crushing 500,000 pounds of pressure for every square inch. 

Guatemala sits on top of two of these tectonic plates, commonly known as the Motagua fault line which runs east to west through Guatemala’s southeast highlands, and even encompasses some parts of Guatemala City.  This jadeite-rich area is known as the Sierra de las Minas, or “jagged mountain range of the miners.” On the south side of the Motagua fault line, the jade is around 130 million years old. On the North side, it’s only a humble 70 million. We couldn't tell you which this is, but needless to say it's quite old.

The sandblasted finish leaves it feeling somewhere between the modern and the ancient, and tones down the gold so that both the stone and metal are balanced.  The setting and interior of the ring have been polished as highlights.  

This ring is a size 5.5 and could be resized within a half down.  To custom order your own size or variation email us at studio@katejones.us