An Early Holiday Gift

First, a little note ~

By now most of you probably know we take sales pretty seriously, that is to say....we don't do them very often.  But by the same token, we take you and your support seriously.  That's why we have put together a little gift.  Not quite a sale, more like an appreciation.

From Friday, November 9th thru Thursday, the 14th (midnight EST), the more you spend, the more you get.  Here's how it works:

First, shop from our "CLASSICS" collection.  Et voila.

  • Buy yourself just a little something, spend $200 and get $25 off with the code "200CLUB"
  • Got $500+ worth of jewels in your cart? Use the code "500CLUB" for $75 off.
  • $700+ of gold and silver and sapphires (who knows!), use the code "700CLUB" for $125 off.
  • What, you want to spend more?  Well ok!  $1000+ and you can use the code "1000CLUB" for $175 off.
  • want to go for the big gift ;) We've got you, spend $1500+ and get $250 off with..... you guessed it: code "1500CLUB"

Questions, concerns, gift giving deadlines you want to meet?  Just email us.  We're real nice and we'll be happy to help anyway we can.

And thank you .........