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Protect Me Charm~ Large & Small

Protect Me Charm~ Large & Small


We're very happy to re-introduce one of our favorite classics.  A charm inspired by the Saint Christopher medallions, patron saint of travelers.  We wanted to make our own version that would hold the same sentiment no matter what your denomination may or may not be.  And what should symbolize protection universally?  Why the human heart of course.  Finely engraved with the heart on one side and "Protect Me" on the other.  Perfectly simple and beautiful on its own, we've increased the size slightly for this update, as well as a new larger size.  Small measures 11mm x 9mm, large measures 15mm x 13mm.  Available on it's own, jump ring included, or with a round curb chain in a 1.1mm width~ beautiful, delicate, but strong.

  • 14k Rose Gold and Sterling Silver shown

We have a 2.1mm curb chain (a classic utilitarian feel scaled for a more substantial look) available in sterling or gold upon request.

AND! Coming soon.... Pair with it's companion, Enameled Heart Charm for a surprise bit of color.