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Cira Hoop No. 1 (Small)
Cira Hoop No. 1 (Small)
Cira Hoop No. 1 (Small)
Cira Hoop No. 1 (Small)

Cira Hoop No. 1 (Small)


Cira (or. Italy) - mn. sun

In search of another take on your everyday hoop, we looked to the sun, and the sea, in the form of whale vertebrae- that cylindrical, magical piece that holds it all together.

Like the other pieces in this collection that play with scale, this piece has a big sister companion, No. 2.  And while both earrings may appear solid and weighty, that's just some clever deception....they're built with heavy walls but are hollow to allow for wearability.  


**Please note this is for the small Cira hoops, No. 1**

Measures 13 mm in diameter

Photos (from top to bottom):

  • solo shot of Cira No. 1 hoops both gold and silver
  • 10ky Cira No. 2 next to silver Cira No. 1 for scale
  • Cira No. 2 (large) on left, Cira No. 1 (small) on right
  • doubled up gold and silver Cira No. 2s (same effect but smaller would be had by this smaller version)