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Oneida Ring / Squared
Oneida Ring / Squared
Oneida Ring / Squared
Oneida Ring / Squared
Oneida Ring / Squared

Oneida Ring / Squared


•We are currently at capacity for custom orders of these for 2020.  To be put on a waitlist and find out more regarding timing, please email•

Oneida (or. Native American/Tuscarora) - mn. standing stone

A ring who's name needs little explanation when you know its origins.  We worked to refine this traditional technique of inlay idea and combine it with our contemporary aesthetic. Set into a band with a profile reminiscent of the wedding ring worn by Kate's (the designer) mom: an 18k yellow band inlaid with a single stone...It obviously left a lasting impression.  Each stone is hand cut and inlaid with the utmost care, by Kate.  

Our updated design has been refined so that the stones are slightly recessed making them more protected for better every day wear.  This Squared version measures 5mm at the widest point, and tapers to 2.5mm in the back. The channel of stones measures 2mm wide. The Oneida is now available in two other subtle shape variations:

  • Softened edges, with a slightly more delicate band, for a more feminine take.  Measures 4.5mm at the widest point and tapers to 2.5mm in the back. Channel is 2mm wide. (LISTED HERE)
  • And! A men's version.  Measures 5mm at the widest point and tapers to 4.5mm in the back. (LISTED HERE)

Each Oneida is custom made to fit your desired color palette or specific choice of stones.  You can start by referencing a favorite painting or image, a favorite past Oneida we’ve done, or specific stones you’d like included.  Please note that translucent stones other than diamonds or sapphires (which fall under the “precious stones” category) do not work in this ring as the scale doesn’t allow for them to keep their character. In other words, once cut down to size the color or definition you love about them is typically lost.  So we recommend only opaque stones (which includes mother of pearl) for optimal effect.  Your precious stone choices e: white diamond, champagne (light brown) diamond, blue (teal) diamond, blue sapphire, ruby.  Please let us know your preferences in a follow up email.  We will happily consult and offer up our recommendations should you need them.

Golds shown here:

  • Image #1~ 10k Rose
  • Image #2 and #4~ 10k Rose with one champagne and one white diamond 
  • Image #3- 18k Yellow with two white diamonds

**SIZING** We can go as small as a size 3.5, as well as quarter sizes.  Please select the closest size listed and write down your desired size in the notes section just prior to checkout.  These rings are very difficult, if not impossible to size once the inlay has been set, so please take the time to be sure of your size when ordering.  It is often possible to stretch the rings by 1/4-1/2 size, and sizing beads may be added to accommodate 1/4-1 size smaller if needed. Fees will apply.